Luxurious TV sets according to your order.

We integrate high technologies, furniture and design into a single whole, receiving an exclusive product
Having an extensive experience and a number of technological know-how, we create exquisite TV sets that will perfectly fit into your interior.
We are ready to transfer into reality your most unusual and bold ideas. You can look through our gallery (clicking on the picture), where the already made works are presented.

Timelines and Warranty.

Timelines: 4-5 weeks, depending on the degree of complexity of the order.
Warranty: 1 year for electronics, 3 years – for the mirror.

About the project in brief:


Almost any latest TV set (Specifications and size is agreed in advance!), which is on the market.


TV set is being built in a special case with a mirror (with a thickness of 6 mm); or NOT a mirror, but will be decorated like a standard TV set.


On request TV it can installed on the floor, leaned, hung on the wall or built in a niche (retractable bracket).


Mirror can have any shape - a rectangle, an oval, a circle, a square. With facet and illumination or without. All for your taste and color.


Any type of product design is possible - baguette, carriage screed and so on.


A waterproof version of the product and a street solution are possible.